Caroline Clark RMCSCCaroline Clark, director of RMCSC, has about 30 years' work experience. She is a fellow of the Insolvency Practitioners Association and R3. A decisive and experienced insolvency practitioner, passing the JIEB exams in 1989, Caroline has excellent regulatory experience working for the Joint Insolvency Monitoring Unit, reviewing the work of many insolvency practitioners, including sole practitioners and those working for ‘big 6’ firms as well as for small and medium sized firms. Caroline has since had senior responsibility for technical work, internal regulation and complaints management in the corporate recovery departments of three national firms.

These regulatory and technical skills have been developed from Caroline’s experience of a broad range of case work which began in 1984 and includes personal and corporate insolvencies. This gives Caroline the fundamental and practical knowledge and experience she needs to give commercial advice about insolvency case management and progression.

Caroline has developed skills outside the insolvency profession, graduating with an MBA from Birmingham University in 1999. In 1999/2000 Caroline led a team in Paris working on a major project for the United Nations and then she headed the accounts department of a major firm of patent attorneys, both senior roles demanding professional and management knowledge and abilities beyond the demands of the insolvency profession. In 2015 Caroline qualified as a mediator, adding further to her professional skills.

This wider experience and appreciation of many aspects of professional management enables Caroline to work outside insolvency and her ability to see the bigger picture and think outside the box adds to the value of her work for the insolvency profession.

Caroline established RMCSC in 2013, providing high quality compliance consultancy advice for insolvency practitioners.

A high standard of professional conduct and integrity is vital for insolvency practitioners and Caroline has been active within the profession as a past member of the IPA Practice Guidance, Ethics and Standards Committee, the Insolvency Court User Group and the IPA Education and Training Committee.