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RMCSC Ltd provides a high quality individual service linking insolvency qualifications and experience with professional management so that peer and regulatory reviews are more than a consideration of files and systems, and enabling complaints to be resolved professionally, giving an efficient service tailored to the needs of each client.

  • Working with the prepack pool April 2016
    After the noise and concern in 2015 about SIP 16 and the prepack pool, information has started to come forward about what this means in practical, day to day terms. As regards the prepack pool - and it is of course for the directors of a company in administration, or facing administration, and that is […]
  • Why mediation is an option
    Since April 2016 insolvency practitioners have not been able to recover either success fees or uplift fees in conditional fee agreements or any adverse costs insurance premium, as insolvency practitioners' exemption from the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 came to an end. Civil Procedure Rule 44, giving general rules about the […]
  • RMCSC Index to the Insolvency Rules 2016
    The RMCSC index to the Insolvency Rules 2016 is just one page long and is easier and quicker to use than the 38 page index included in the Rules themselves:- Part 01 - Content of notices & documents, electronic delivery of documents Part 02 - Creditors' voluntary arrangement Part 03 - Administrations Part 04 - […]

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